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We help you choose the most suitable design for your business from dozens of options.
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%100 mobil uyumlu tasarımlar ile web sitenizin kullanıcı dostu olmasını sağlıyoruz.
Easy to Manage Panel
Türkçe yönetim panelleri ile web sitenize, içerik girişleri ve düzenlemelerini kolayca yapın.
Yazılımlarınızı SEO çalışmalarınızı rahatlıkla yapabilecek şekilde hazırlıyoruz.
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We integrate all modules that can benefit your business.
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We help you with improvements and technical support issues related to your website.
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Our Web Design Packages
MICRO Website
Increase your conversion from ads with micropromotional pages.
ECO Website
Choose from hundreds of different designs. Let us complete the installation for you.
PRO Web Sitesi
We offer every plugin that a professional website needs in this package.
Package Features
Professional Web Design for You
Single Page
Max. 20 Pages
Unlimited Pages
Mobile Compatible Management Panel
Free Hosting
200MB + 400MB Traffic
500 MB + 1GB Traffic
1GB + 5 GB
Free Domain
Lifetime Free SSL
Adding a Main / Sub-Category
Product and Service Management
Corporate Email Address
2 Email Addresses
10 Email Addresses
15 Email Addresses
Google Compatibility
Free Technical Support
Google My Business Registration
Google Analytics Setup
Google Search Console Registration
Google Ads Account Setup
Foreign Language Support
2 Languages Including English
4 Languages Including English
WhatsApp / Telegram Module
Live Support Module
Would you like a custom design just for you?
Is your dream website outside the box? Do you want a website with more detailed functions? If you want a website that is designed and coded completely for you, our talented design and software team is ready to roll up their sleeves! Tell us everything you need and get a special price quote for you.
Why Should You Use a Custom Made Website?
Unique Design
With the needs of your company, we produce designs that belong only to you and not to anyone else.
Custom Coding
With the codes written by the PenDigital software team, you gain flexibility in the design and coding updates to be made on your site.
Internet Advertising
Special coded designs provide high performance in your Google Ads vs SEO studies.
Websites with an easy and aesthetic user experience
  • website-iconFully compatible with mobile devices
  • website-iconVisitor satisfaction with easy user experience
  • website-iconCoded infrastructure suitable for SEO studies
  • website-iconHigh page load speed
  • website-iconQuick contact forms and integrations
  • website-iconMobile compatible, easy to use Turkish Management Panel
  • website-iconMultiple language options
uygun-fiyat-avantaji Affordable Price Advantage
modern-tasarim Modern Designs
hizli-kolay Quick and Easy

Why Businesses Need Professional Web Design

Today, when you are looking for a service or product, you go to the internet in order to get information. Therefore, it has become an indisputable fact how important a website is for a business. The days when businesses could be successful against their competitors without having a website or an online presence are long gone. Businesses in almost all sectors have started to create their websites, by considering today’s consumer habits. Regardless of the sector, we can say that as the competition increases, the steps that businesses need to take to be successful in this competition have started to bring the need for professionalism. In other words, you no longer need to have a website in order to be one step ahead of your competitors, you need to have a professionally prepared and effective website. This is exactly why businesses need professional web design services.

A well-designed website with professional content helps visitors stay on the page longer. Visitors who spend more time on the page have more detailed information about your products or services, and the possibility of them turning into customers increases. A website should have high-quality images, fast and easy-to-reach pages, and clear/answering content that answers consumers’ questions in order to have a positive impact on visitors. Contrary to popular belief, web design is not as simple as one might think. The website is the online showcase of businesses, and this showcase should be carefully developed to align with the brand identity. Let’s try to briefly summarize why businesses need a professional web design:

Device Compatibility

A website can be accessed through different devices such as computers, phones, tablets. Our team makes arrangements so that your design can be displayed completely and without errors on all these devices. Thus, you will not lose a potential customer who wants to access your site from any device.

Design Quality

Our experienced team, who has been doing this job for years, chooses the colours and images on your website that will attract the attention of your target audience. A quality design creates a sense of trust in visitors.

Page Load Speed

Internet users now want their websites to load fast. Visitors quickly leave the web page that does not load in a short time. There are many factors that affect the page load speed, such as plugins installed on your website, high-size images. Our team considers all these factors when designing and developing your website.


Your business should stand out when searched on search engines about the products and services you offer. These studies are called SEO (Search engine optimization). For this optimization, you need to get help from an expert. PenDigital works with an SEO friendly strategy while developing your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is web design? faq-arrow
Web design is an important part of the process of creating a website. Anything about the appearance of the website can be listed under the title of web design.
Why web design is important? faq-arrow
Web design affects your audience's perception of your brand. Good design keeps your potential customers on the page, allowing them to learn more about your business and convert them into customers.
What is UI Design? faq-arrow
UI stands for 'User Interface', and UI design focuses on predicting users' actions on the website and ensuring that the interface has elements to facilitate those actions.
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