Advantages of 2D Video Animation
Logo Animations
Leave a lasting impression in your audience's memory with mini animations that summarize the story of your logo.
Brand Promotion Videos
Inform your audience with descriptive storylines that promote your brand.
Educational Content Videos
Educational videos prepared to inform both your company employees and your audience.
Product / Service Promotional Videos
Introduce your brand's products to your audience with our 2D animations.
Infographic Videos
Use analytics to inform your audience about your organization or a topic.
Character Design and Animation
Let's design a character for your brand and bring it to life with various stories.
Müşterilerimizin Değerli Yorumları
Logo Animation (Intro + Outro)
Increase your conversion from ads with micropromotional pages.
2D Video Animation for 15 Seconds
Choose from hundreds of different designs. Let us complete the installation for you.
2D Video Animation for 30 Seconds
Choose from hundreds of different designs. Let us complete the installation for you.
2D Video Animation for 45 Seconds
Choose from hundreds of different designs. Let us complete the installation for you.
2D Video Animation for 60 Seconds
Choose from hundreds of different designs. Let us complete the installation for you.

2D Video Animation Service

The use of video has exploded in recent years and has started to take an important place in the marketing strategies of companies. The age of the internet has brought social media craziness and mobile devices took a big part in our lives. Compared to the past, the consumer has come to prefer to read the summary of the content, check its visual, and watch the video rather than reading long written content. As consumer behaviour changes, marketing strategies also began to change in this direction to attract attention with more effective content in a shorter time. Today, the rate of watching videos about a product is 4 times more than the rate of reading product contents and after watching a product video, the rate of selling the product is 64%. Considering all these statistics, video content should be an essential part of communication and marketing strategies.

2D Animation, as the name suggests, is a video style that allows you to tell your story more interestingly with 2D graphics and texts. In this animation style, our team works with your company to create a unique look and feel for your brand.

We can list the advantages of 2D Animation as follows:

Attractive Content

Well-edited videos help your potential customers understand and engage you better. With these contents, you can easily attract the attention of your target audience by being one step ahead of your competitors.

Easy Communication

Animating a piece of information makes it easier to reach a wider audience. Let’s try to explain through an example; You can easily explain processes that are difficult to see concretely, such as data security, through illustrations. Or if you have any statistics you want to give, you can give this information in a more memorable way with the help of infographics.

Time on Page

If you have a website, you should know the importance of time on the page. Video content increases the time your potential customers spend on your page and the percentage of a visit that turns into a sale. Video content added to the welcome pages is very effective in this sense.

Project Delivery Times

We know that timing is one of the most important factors in marketing calendars. Most 2D animation videos have a shorter production timeline than live-action videos, although this will vary based on the complexity of the project and the desired video length.

Reasonable price

Pricing in video animation services is calculated on a time basis. As we mentioned above, since 2D animated videos often require a shorter timeline compared to live video footage, they are less costly and can be made on a budget.

Easy Editing

In a video that we have designed and published, the content that has changed over time can be easily rearranged. The scenes you want can be added or removed later and the video can be made available again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2D Animation? faq-arrow
2D animation is a style that lets you tell your story more engagingly with 2D graphics and text.
How to make 2D animation? faq-arrow
At its simplest, 2D animation begins by creating a storyboard and planning how the story and message will be conveyed. Right after this process, all the finalized video elements are gathered together by the designers.
What is the cost of 2D Animation? faq-arrow
2D Animations are often more cost effective as they often require much less resource usage compared to video productions. As in most areas, pricing in this service is calculated over time / price. The cost of a 2D animation may vary depending on the complexity of the work you want, the additional features (such as voice over, translation) and the length of the video. You can review our packages to have information about PenDigital’s 2D video animation prices.
Why is 2D Animation Important for Your Business? faq-arrow
2D animation gives you the flexibility to tell your story in the easiest way possible. You can also think of it as a more attractive tool and allows you to reach wider audiences than written content. For example, you can easily use animation videos to explain a process or make an abstract process or concept concrete.
What are 2D Animation Types? faq-arrow
We can list 2D animation types under titles such as Logo animations, Narration videos (explainer/storytelling/educational), Product / Service Promotional Videos.
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