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Social Media Strategy
A successful social presence begins and ends with a tactful strategy. Our dedicated team always makes sure to reach your ideal audience through granular targeting, relevant content, and meaningful conversation.
Monthly Sharing Plan
The heart of any successful social media effort is in the stories you tell. Every story we craft for your social media channels serves a purpose and is always planned one month in advance.
Creative and Aesthetic Designs
We create the content that gives you more than a voice, that gives you a personality and a presence – all inside a curated feed that works aesthetically as much as it does strategically.
Video & Photo Shooting Service
When it comes to delivering your message to your audience, we have the creative talent and in-house production resources to exceed your expectations and make a lasting impact on consumers.
Interactive Audience
Social media has altered the way we communicate forever. It’s sharing, it’s self-expression, it’s engagement, and it’s real-time. By delivering meaningful and authentic experiences to your target audience, your social communities can become your strongest brand advocates.
Monthly Reporting
Every 1st day of each month, you get a detailed social media report. We look at the numbers to get legitimate results, observe how your accounts are growing, and understand how we can improve in the future.
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Our Social Media Management Packages
Economic Package
Have an aesthetically pleasing social media account without straining your budget.
Advanced Package
Increase customer engagement with the Advanced Package, preferred by mid-sized businesses.
Business Package
Use your social media account in the most active way with high posting frequency.
Package Features
Profile Photo
Cover Images
Monthly Post Design
8 Posts
12 Posts
16 Posts
Sponsored Ad Post
1 Post
1 Post
2 Posts
Special Days
Video Post Design
1 Post
1 Post
Video Animated Post Design
1 Post
Copywriting: Content Creation
Tracking and Responding Comments
Monthly Sharing Plan
End of the Month Reporting
Create a personal package that fits your business model
You can create a special package for your needs by choosing from the services we offer in our packages. We are ready to provide all the flexibility to provide the most suitable solutions for you.
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What is Social Media Management and Why is it Important for Businesses?

Social media management has become a necessity since it has started to be used for businesses as well as personal usage and conversion rates have increased significantly. Businesses now need the professional help of a specific person or team to manage the social media accounts of one or more brands.

In addition to being a channel that allows you to promote your business or brand, social media is also very important in terms of communicating directly with your target audience for being an approachable brand. Social media is a virtual showcase of a brand and issues such as brand identity, published content, language used, communication with followers require a professionally planned strategy.

The Role of Social Media Management

As we mentioned above, social media management is crucial for businesses, given the high percentage of people who encounter and stay loyal to new brands through electronic platforms. We can briefly list the advantages of professional social media management as follows:

Brand Awareness

Social media is a medium where you can highlight your brand and create brand awareness much faster and more effectively than traditional media.

Mentions About the Brand

A properly prepared social media strategy will get the masses talking about your brand, products or services.

Getting to Know the Target Audience

You can learn what is important to your target audience on social media, their tendencies and sensitivities, and you can determine an approach accordingly.

Telling Your Brand’s Story

Social media is a tool where you can easily reflect your brand’s mission and vision and share its story. Effective stories have great power over brand image.

Customer Service

The customer base that conveys their demands via social media is substantial. With strong moderation, you can also use the social media channel as a platform for customer service.

Build Loyalty

Customers follow and interact with the brands they love. If a customer follows you, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Social media marketing allows you to attract potential customers directly to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Support

Social media has an indirect effect on SEO. Presenting the target words together with the relevant content in the shares made has a positive effect on the rankings in the search engines.

Keeping Your Followers Updated

With the help of social media, you can make announcements to your followers and make them instantly aware of the latest news.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media? faq-arrow
All of the interactive technologies that allow the creation or sharing of information, thoughts and other forms of expression with virtual communities and networks are called social media.
What is Social Media Account Management? faq-arrow
All processes such as analyzing the target audience in social media channels, creating a strategy suitable for the audience, producing and sharing content for each channel, observing the effects of sharing, communicating with the audience are called social media account management.
What Does Social Media Management Do? faq-arrow
Social media management allows you to increase the awareness of your brand, create a consistent and corporate image, and increase your conversion rates by interacting with your potential customers/target audience.
How Should Corporate Social Media Management Be? faq-arrow
Your social media accounts should consistently reflect your brand, both visually and in the language used. You should develop a strategy based on your target audience and regularly measure and update this strategy if necessary. If you do not have a team to manage this process, it would be beneficial to work with a professional team.
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